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History Of Nu Metal Part 2: 1997-2000 (Part 1)

History Of Nu Metal Part 2: 1997-2000 (Part 1)


Hill & Beez continue on their journey through the history of Nu Metal as the genre explodes into the mainstream to cement itself as the biggest era in rock of the past 20 years. Part 1 of this 2 part episode includes:

The Evolution Of The First Wave Of Nu Metal
Korn: The First Band To Sell Out?
Deftones Go Around The Fur 
Limp Bizkit's Significant Rise
Incubus Make Themselves
Max Cavalera Lets His Soulfully
The Entire History of Spookycore
The Old Guard Respond To Nu Metal
Methods Of Mayhem
The Big 4's Involvement With Nu Metal
Machine Head & The Burning Red
Ross Robinson: The Man Who Made Nu Metal 
Ozzfest & Family Values
The Hip-Hop & Rock Connection v 2.0

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