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All of the best moments in rock history are spawned by rebellion. Whether it’s against your parents and school as a teenager or kicking out against “the man” as an adult, rebellion is the starting point of everything great that has ever happened in the world of rock music. The THAT’S NOT METAL podcast is a statement of rebellion. This podcast pulls no punches and has instantly connected with thousands of angry and disenfranchised rock fans that are sick to their back teeth of being force fed pretty bands with nice haircuts over cutting edge art, time and time and time again.

THAT’S NOT METAL is an entirely independent weekly podcast that brings fans the very best from the world of heavy music, every single Friday. Combining hilarious, passionate, incomparable honesty with the widest breadth of rock knowledge, the show is unlike anything you’ll find in the current sphere of music media. Formed by former Metal Hammer Podcast hosts Terry ‘Beez’ Bezer and Stephen Hill, it’s popularity was immediately cemented when it shot to #1 on the iTunes Music Podcast Charts above the likes of X Factor host Nick Grimshaw and TV mainstay Graham Norton, as well as taking up residency in the New and Noteworthy section on iTunes Podcast front page ever since.

Now, only 2 months after inception, Hill & Beez are thrilled to bring fans THAT’S NOT METAL PREMIUM on their new website, THATSNOTMETAL.NET. Whilst the THAT’S NOT METAL podcast will continue to be available for free on iTunes, living on the cutting edge of what’s going on within today’s rock scene, THAT’S NOT METAL PREMIUM will delve into the guts of rock’s history, discussing the careers of specific bands, labels, producers, moments in rock history. These bonus podcasts will also include entire specials with members of today’s leading bands and the most important figures within rock and metal.

Annual subscription packages are available from the website right now and range from £15 a year for a standalone to bundles which include:

  • Access to Bi-weekly ‘bonus podcast specials’
  • A bespoke TNM membership card
  • A T-shirt
  • A beanie hat

“Our audience are knowledgeable, passionate rock fans and we wanted to do more for them,” explains Beez. “We wanted to represent what we feel are the under appreciated, unloved and overlooked bands from rock’s present on the weekly podcast but we also felt like we could do more for the bands from rock’s past and that’s what TNM Premium was born out of. Rather than just asking our fans to donate to THAT’S NOT METAL, we wanted to continue our mission to share great bands with people and discuss the careers of the biggest names in rock with a level of integrity missing in today’s landscape. The mixtape might be dead but everyone wants good music recommendations from their mates and that’s how Steve and I feel about our bond with our audience. This was a way to simply give them more.”

With nearly 20 years combined experience in the music media, Hill & Beez’s work has included Kerrang! magazine, television station Scuzz and presenting work with both Download and Sonisphere festival. Widely acknowledged as the 2 fan favourites from the roster of hosts of the hugely popular Metal Hammer podcast (2009 – 2013), the lure of heading back to expressing honest and unflinching opinions on a podcast that is truly DIY and totally free of censorship or industry funding, proved too great.

“I've have missed the freedom to express the sort of deep passion I feel for music without a filter and that’s what That’s Not Metal is about. Freedom,” says Stephen. “That’s Not Metal is a place where you will get praise for your songs, not your haircuts, your budget size or which management label you are on. If we have a manifesto, it's that."

This is just the beginning for THAT’S NOT METAL. As new fans continue to flock to social media to show their resounding appreciation for the innovative and refreshing content being served up by Hill & Beez, the potential to create landscape-changing ways of providing fans with news, reviews, features and new music grows exponentially. The first THAT’S NOT METAL LIVE! event has already been booked to take place at The Black Heart on December 7th and will be recorded for a future special. The possibilities to do great things within today’s rock landscape are endless and will be explored thoroughly by THAT’S NOT METAL.

By creating something entirely independent and fuelled by a rabid and ever growing audience, THAT’S NOT METAL has put the power back it back in the hands of the fans, discussing their viewpoints that aren’t aired anywhere else in a truly collaborative manner.

Rebellion is here. We want the airwaves back.