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2018 TNM World Cup 1st Round - 2nd Half

2018 TNM World Cup 1st Round - 2nd Half


32 bands enter, 1 band emerges victorious. Hill and Beez are joined by Will from Black Peaks for a very special TNM event. 

We at TNM are pitting the biggest 32 bands from the TNM Universe against one another over the course of 11 categories to find one band to rule them all.

The 11 categories include Side 1, Track 1, Live Show, Impact On Rock, Discography, Relevance in 2018, Classic Album, Image & Artwork, Vocalist and Debut Album.

Included across this special, these first round matches and the draw for the 2nd Round:

My Chemical Romance vs Rage Against The Machine

Korn vs System Of A Down


Nine Inch Nails vs Black Sabbath


Pearl Jam vs Red Hot Chili Peppers


Avenged Sevenfold vs Marilyn Manson


Limp bizkit vs Weezer


Slayer vs Rammstein


Slipknot vs Foo Fighters


The Prodigy vs Pantera


Soundgarden vs Tool


Metallica vs Green Day


Nirvana vs Smashing Pumpkins


Iron Maiden vs Motorhead


Linkin Park vs Guns N Roses


Deftones vs Faith No More


Machine Head vs The Offspring

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