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Battle Special: USA vs UK

Battle Special: USA vs UK


Hill & Beez take to the battlefield as the UK and the USA do battle for rock and metal supremacy as we discuss the following categories in this TNM Battle Special.

Who has the greater crimes against rock music?


US grunge vs Brit Rock


Frontmen Challenge

Frank Carter vs Jason Butler

Freddie Mercury vs David Lee Roth

Loz WSS vs Ivan Moody

Ozzy vs Dio

Sam Carter vs Keith Buckley


Who has had the greater influence over one another: the UK over the US or the US over the UK?


Band Wars

Motorhead vs Guns N Roses

BMTH vs Avenged Sevenfold 1:24

Napalm Death vs Clutch

Creeper vs Code Orange 1:40

Hundred Reasons ‘Ideas Above Our Station’ vs Snot ‘Snot’


Who would you least like to be stuck in a lift with: Gene Simmons or the pirate from Alestorm?


The Poison vs Alive Or Just Breathing



London vs New York

Manchester vs LA

Birmingham vs Seattle






Who has the brighter future?


Classic Rock


UK Grindcore vs US death metal


Band Wars 2

The Prodigy vs Rage Against The Machine

Muse vs My Chemical Romance

Sikth vs Trivium

Biffy Clyro vs Queens Of the Stone Age

Bury Tomorrow vs Of Mice & Men

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