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Black Sabbath: The Ozzy Osbourne Years (Part 2)

Black Sabbath: The Ozzy Osbourne Years (Part 2)


 Hill and Beez bring you the definitive guide to the forefathers of heavy metal, Black Sabbath, and their years with Ozzy Osbourne.

Covered in Part 2 of this special:

Black Sabbath Live
The Importance Of Bill Ward To Black Sabbath
The Drugs Take Their Toll
Iommi Battles Writers Block
Sabbath & The Haunted Castle
'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' Overview
Do Black Sabbath Go Mainstream Here?
Are Black Sabbath The First Band To Use Electronics For Heaviness?
Sabbath Fight Their Management
'Sabotage' Overview
Ozzy Osbourne: The Singer
Could Sabbath Have Been This Good Without Ozzy?
The Genius Of Bill Ward
Technical Ecstacy & Never Say Die. A Big Bag of Balls or Treated Unfairly?
'13' Overview (feat. Merlin Alderslade)
Rick Rubin & Black Sabbath
Ranking The Sabbath Six From Worst To Best
Are Black Sabbath The Most Important Band Of All Time?

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