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Hardcore Special: 2002-2016 (Part 2)

Hardcore Special: 2002-2016 (Part 2)


Hill & Beez complete their look at the history of hardcore by examining the years 2002-2016. In this part of our final hardcore special, you can expect:

The Outsiders Continued
Every Time I Die Profile
The Bronx Profile
Punk Returns To Hardcore
Boysetsfire Profile
Modern Life Is War Profile
Comeback Kid Profile
Stick To Your Guns Profile
The Best Of The Rest Punk-Inspired Hardcore
The Death Of Pop Punk & Hardcore’s Relationship
The UK Pre-Gallows
Gallows And Hardcore Takes The UK By Storm
Frank Carter Profile
Gallows Era UK Hardcore
Your Demise Profile
Post-Frank Gallows Profile
Cancer Bats Profile

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