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Hardcore Special: 2002-2016 (Part 3)

Hardcore Special: 2002-2016 (Part 3)


Hill & Beez complete their look at the history of hardcore by examining the years 2002-2016. In this part of our final hardcore special, you can expect:

Post-Jane Doe Converge
Jacob Bannon & Deathwish Records
Crust Punk Influences Hardcore
The Best Powerviolence Bands
Trash Talk Profile
The Evolution Of Hardcore Moshing
The Changes In Modern Hardcore
Modern UK Hardcore Profile
Letlive Profile
The New Generation Of Hardcore
The 5 Essential Hardcore Albums Of This Era
The Most Important Band Of Each Era Discussed
Can Hardcore Ever Capture The Mainstream?
Why Do The Best Hardcore Bands Leave Hardcore?
Summary Of The History Of Hardcore

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