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Hardcore Special: Don't Forget Your Roots (Part 1)

Hardcore Special: Don't Forget Your Roots (Part 1)


Hill & Beez delve into the roots of hardcore in the first of our three part special on the entire history of the genre. In this part 1 of this special, you will find:

The Musical and Political Landscape Into American Hardcore
What's The Difference Between Punk & Hardcore
What Is The First Hardcore Record?
DC Hardcore
Bad Brains Profile
Teen Idles, Dischord Records and the Start of DIY
Minor Threat Profile
Ian Mackaye Profile
The Formation of Straight Edge
Californian Hardcore
Dead Kennedys Profile
Circle Jerks Profile
The Misfits?
TSOL Profile
The Adolescents 
Pre-Rollins Black Flag
The Impact of Henry Rollins
Black Flag Profile

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