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Hardcore Special: Don't Forget Your Roots (Part 2)

Hardcore Special: Don't Forget Your Roots (Part 2)


Hill & Beez delve into the roots of hardcore in the first of our three part special on the entire history of the genre. In this part 2 of this special, you will find:

Henry Rollins Profile 
Get In The Van
New York Hardcore
Metal's First Influence On Hardcore
Agnostic Front Profile
Harley Flanagan Profile
Cro Mags Profile
Youth Crew Movement
Gorilla Biscuits Profile
Youth Of Today
Judge Profile
How NYHC Became A Global Institution
Boston Hardcore
SS Decontrol
Violence Spills Into Straight Edge
Slap Shot
The Calm Before The Storm In Boston
The Best Of The Rest inc. 7 Seconds, Poison Idea, Negative Approach, DRI & More
UK Hardcore in the 80s
Who Were The Most Important Band of This Era?
The Essential Roots Hardcore Albums
Why Was Hardcore Never Embraced By The Mainstream?

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