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Hardcore Special: The 90s & New Millenium (Part 1)

Hardcore Special: The 90s & New Millenium (Part 1)


Hill & Beez continue their journey into hardcore by investigating the 90s and how hardcore's many genres pushed the boundaries of creativity to all new heights. Covered in part 1 of this special:

Did The Roots Bands Influence The Next Gen of Hardcore Bands?
What Changed For Hardcore After The 80s?
Nirvana's Influence On Mainstream Culture & Hardcore
Sick Of It All Profile
Madball Profile
The Definition Of Metalcore
The First Metalcore Album
Suicidal Tendencies & Crossover
Biohazard Profile
Metalcore Gets Aggressive
Rorscach Profile
Inegrity Profile
Coalesce Profile
Strife Profile
Earth Crisis Profile
Vision Of Disorder Profile
Botch Profile
Summary Of Early Metalcore
New York Hardcore's Oddballs
Life Of Agony Profile
Unsane Profile
Quicksand Profile
Walter Schreifels Profile

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