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Hardcore Special: The 90s & New Millenium (Part 2)

Hardcore Special: The 90s & New Millenium (Part 2)


Hill & Beez continue their journey into hardcore by investigating the 90s and how hardcore's many genres pushed the boundaries of creativity to all new heights. Covered in part 2 of this special:

Had Punk Lost A Grip On Hardcore?
The 90s Epitaph Boom’s Impact On Hardcore
CIV Profile
H2O Profile
Shelter and Krishnacore Profile
Best Of The Reast
The Evolution Of Boston Hardcore
Bane Profile
Cave In Profile
The Hope Conspiracy Profile
American Nightmare Profile
Converge Profile
Best Of The Rest From Boston
Why Are The Following Bands Not Hardcore…
UK Hardcore In The 90s
Stampin’ Ground Profile
Knuckledust Profile
Best Of The Rest
Hardcore Gets Smart
Snapcase Profile
Death By Stereo Profile
Grade Profile
European Hardcore
The Impact Of Refused
Refused Profile
The Shape Of Punk To Come
Refused Call It Quits

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