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History Of Nu Metal: Are You Ready? (Part 2)

History Of Nu Metal: Are You Ready? (Part 2)


Hill and Beez begin their journey through the History Of Nu Metal by investigating the vast array of influences that lead to the First Wave Of Nu Metal and the explosion of a rock phenomenon that would define and divide a generation.

Included in the first half of Part 1:

1. The Sound of Nu Metal
2. Rich Ward on the technical side of Nu Metal and the view from inside the genre.
3. Korn or Faith No More: Who are the first Nu Metal band?
4. Korn’s effect on the world of rock
5. Fashion and changing the face of metal.
6. Deftones and the eclecticism of Nu Metal
7. Incubus
8. Sepultura legitimise Nu Metal
9. 1996. Nu Metal begins to dominate.
10. Are Korn the first Nu Metal band to sell out?
11. S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
12. Coal Chamber: Lowering the tone?
13. Sevendust
14. How big could Snot have been?
15. Enter Limp Bizkit
16. In conversation with Nu Metal journalist Dan Silver
17. Who owned this era of Nu Metal?

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