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History Of Nu Metal Part 2: 1997-2000 (Part 2) [Members]

History Of Nu Metal Part 2: 1997-2000 (Part 2) [Members]


Hill & Beez continue on their journey through the history of Nu Metal as the genre explodes into the mainstream to cement itself as the biggest era in rock of the past 20 years. Part 2 of this 2 part episode includes:

The Characteristics Of The Second Wave Of Nu Metal
System Of A Down
Spineshank Arrive
Hed(pe) Come Of Age
Slipknot's Dalliance With Nu Metal
Kid Rock Breaks Mind Blowing Records
Woodstock 99: The Facts Behind Nu Metal's Darkest Day
Misogyny In Nu Metal...To Be Continued
Limp Bizkit Keep On Rollin'
Papa Roach Go Supernova
Crazy Town. Sorry.
Hybrid Theory: Nu Metal's Biggest Moment

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