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History Of Nu Metal Part 3: The Last Days (Part 1)

History Of Nu Metal Part 3: The Last Days (Part 1)


Hill and Beez round up their Nu Metal journey by looking at the final days of Nu Metal, host their own Nu Metal Awards and discuss what really killed the genre? Included in this part:

1. The Impact Of Hybrid Theory

2. Jay Z and Linkin Park Collide 

3. Butterfly. Sugar. Baby.

4. The Final Wave Of Nu Metal

5. What Connects These Bands To Waves 1 & 2

6. P.O.D.

7. Ill Nino

8. Taproot

9. Alien Ant Farm

10. Nu Metal Cover Songs: Good, Bad & Ugly

11. Hoobastank & The ‘Radio’ Bands

12. Deftones Board Their White Pony

13. Morning View

14. Korn & Others Desert Nu Metal 

15. Wes Leaves An Imploding Limp Bizkit

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