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Nirvana Special: Part 2 [Members]

Nirvana Special: Part 2 [Members]



In the second of our three part Nirvana special, Hill and Beez explore the founding, the music, the controversy and the cultural phenomenon behind one of the most important rock albums ever made.

Included in part 2:
Did Kurt want to be a rock star?
Nirvana leave Sub Pop
The bidding war for Nirvana
Signing to Geffen
Demoing Nevermind
Butch Vig
Nevermind: The album
The sound and mixes of Nevermind
Smells Like Teen Spirit
The singles
Hill vs The Nevermind Top 5
The underrated tracks on Nevrmind
What is the worst song on Nevermind?
The videos and the role of MTV
Sound City studios
Why did Nevermind become a phenomenon?
Nevermind takes Nirvana into the mainstream
2016’s Nevermind
The lasting influence of Nevermind on modern rock
The word “Grunge”
The “Grunge” scene
Kurt and Courtney
Drug abuse takes it’s toll
The tabloids anoint Kurt and Courtney
Vanity Fair 1992
Nirvana in turmoil

All this and more in the second of our three part Nirvana special.

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