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Soundtrack To Our Lives: Hill & Beez

Soundtrack To Our Lives: Hill & Beez



Hill and Beez take you on a journey of some of the musical loves and loathes that have made up the soundtrack to their lives. Questions answered on this podcast are:

The first song you remember.

The first musical act you fell in love with.

The first album you bought?:

The song that reminds you of school:

The album that reminds you of school:

Your all time musical hero:

Your all time musical enemy: 

The album that reminds you of summer:

The album that made you fall in love with music is: 

If you could have been in any band: 

You can start a band beef with anyone. Who do you choose?: 

The song I would banish from all existence:

Your mortal enemy is captured. You can have one song that is played at them over and over again for 3 days straight. What do you pick?:

The band I would banish from all existence is: 

An album you can't believe you ever liked is:

The best festival appearance you've ever seen:

The best gig you've ever been to:

The album that broke your heart: 

The album that let you know you were getting older?:

You're sentenced to death row. The last album you want to hear is:

One song can soundtrack a montage of your life. That song is:

The song you would least want played at your funeral:

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