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History Of Nu Metal: Are You Ready? (Part 1)

History Of Nu Metal: Are You Ready? (Part 1)


Hill and Beez begin their journey through the History Of Nu Metal by investigating the vast array of influences that lead to the First Wave Of Nu Metal and the explosion of a rock phenomenon that would define and divide a generation.

Included in the first half of Part 1:

  1. Do Run DMC and Aerosmith matter to Nu Metal?
  2. Racial segregation within music and the breaking of barriers
  3. The Beastie Boys
  4. Public Enemy vs Anthrax
  5. Faith No More and their role in Nu Metal
  6. The 90s funk rock explosion
  7. Cowboys From Hell. A Nu Metal anthem?
  8. 1992
  9. Are Rage Against The Machine a Nu Metal band?
  10. Body Count, motherfucker
  11. Judgement Night
  12. The under appreciated influence upon Nu Metal
  13. Does Industrial have a part to play in the birth of Nu Metal?
  14. Fear Factory and Machine Head begin changing the face of metal

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